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Apoxie Sculpt Tinting Experiment 001

Cross-posting this from DoA.  Thought I should probably share here, hehe!  There was a small discussion about tinting Apoxie Sculpt to match resin colors.  Talking about the acrylic inks made me curious… so I did an Apoxie tinting comparison test, lol!

From left to right:
Liquitex Basics – Burnt Sienna
Liquitex Heavy Body – Quinacridone Magenta & Bronze Yellow
Liquitex ink! – Burnt Sienna

I used white Apoxie Sculpt. I could have added a bit more of the Basics to the mix before it got too slippery and over-added the Heavy Body when trying to mix up a second batch of the color… and made it a bit too pink overall, lolz. I really need to buy me some Burnt Sienna and Burnt Umber in heavy body~ /o\ The ink took it really well! It’s lighter, but this acrylic ink is transparent. The color is smooth (less marbling) and blended better than the Heavy Body and Basics into the Apoxie. I don’t have any of the opaque acrylic inks on hand (except my black I believe) to try how it might differ. If I have time later I’ll try mixing my black with the Burnt Sienna and seeing how it goes.

The color did work really well with the Apoxie! At this color depth it wasn’t slippery at all. I’m not sure if I kept adding more of the ink to the clay if it’d get darker, but I think adding in one of the opaque and/or also adding in black would be more efficient in getting the darker tone.

I still have a Minifee Karsh head waiting on me to finish modding his eyes, so this might be the push I needed to try tinting the clay to match, hehe! Not to mention I’ve been wanting to mod the ankles of my Mirodoll 60cm girl body feet so they don’t sit so deep inside the ankles…. =wibbles= And fix those knee backs on the new 1/4 girl body!

So many projects, so little time~!

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