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Kor is Home~

Officially yesterday, Kor came home.  I had time to check him out before we had to leave and run errands, then passed out asleep when I got home.  I was so excited!  The package arrived late at the P.O., so I didn’t expect him out until the next day but the mailman made a special trip, in his personal car nonetheless, to bring him home!  I cut the package open with my box cutter like I always do (and I’m super careful), but one of the promo pieces inside was flush with the packaging opening and got sliced.  T_T  Oh well.  =snuffles=

I have to say… Switch’s sculpt in person is gorgeous!  I have absolutely no regrets in this purchase.  Not like I ever do, lol!  I do still wish he could have been a full normal Soseo, but honestly?  Haseo is so bloody breath-taking that I’m okay with it!  He’s just a bit more gentle.  Man, why do all my bad guys need to look so gentle? haha!  I really wanted to try him on a body so… poor Rem got bumped.  Remiel, who is staring at me from the table beside me bodiless~  Ah… Rem… my love~ *_* 

Anyway, Kor looks perfect on the Mirodoll 66cm body.  I mean, perfect!  Future purchase will be in the works.  The Switch resin is a slightly lighter color and not as pink, but will be unnoticeable by the time he’s got a faceup.  Plus, it matches the other Mirodoll resin color I have more, but I believe this pinker shade is their new standard.  The head range of movement is amazing and not sueded.  I’ve popped in those brown default Iplehouse eyes that came with Bael and gave him the random beige-ish fur wig that I got for free with Briean, for now.  None of which match his character at all, but at least make him feel less than empty.  Goodness, I’m just loving him so much!

If things work out, I want to try painting him today.  And hopefully finishing Bael.  Man, while I’m at it… I should just paint Sorde as well and them my demon triumvirate would be complete…. @__@



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