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Ash Blonde-day

So, lots and lots of things have been going on around here lately.  Still waiting on Mirodoll to ship my order.  They said it was ready to ship within the week, but it’s the end of the week now and nothing.  Ah well~  =tries desperately to wait patiently=  When it does ship, Jacera’s shared body will finally arrive, along with Mum’s Mirodoll Lili.  =too excited=

I recently, finally, purchased my much coveted set of Faber Castel Albrect Durer Watercolor Pencils.  I got the 24 pencil set + a violet pencil (since violet is never included in a color set) and am already creating a list of what other colors I need to order.  I broke out the Rembrandt pastels finally and set to work playing with these new supplies on pretty much everyone.  They are… DELICIOUS to work with!  Buttery smooth and highly pigmented… they are everything I always new they would be.  Now to grab me some pro acrylics at last!  Need to seal all the faceups I worked on, but all in good time.  Need more sealant. >_<

I also have been working on coloring those Suri Alpaca locks, as well as carding some of the finer hairs for roving.  All coming along nicely!  Just today I finished dying up some “blonde” locks to make a small wig for Svar… unfortunately, the color this time around came out much darker and I have a warm Ash Blonde color going on.  Gonna use them anyway and either gift the wig to Abrethine or toss it up on etsy!  Gonna wait until it’s done to decide.  Color looks so lovely, anyway!  Making the headcap tomorrow and then we will see how it goes.

And finally, this is a little late and I haven’t grabbed the pics yet, but a new dolly head has made it into the house.  I now am the proud owner of a Luts SDF Howl.  Got him for a steal and he came with faceup and eyes.  Gave him a darker faceup with the Rembrandt pastels, but my mother remarked that she thought he was my sister’s Iplehouse Lion, lol!  I compared them and they ARE indeed very similar.  Will try to get a pic of that up later.  For now, unless I come up with some amazing role for him… he is tentatively named Shizuou from Durarara!!  Yep yep!  I keep this… I’ll definitely have to find me an acceptable Izaya for him, hehe!  I took one look at the Howl head and he just screamed Shizuou to me, so here we are.

And that’s it for now.  Gotta get some pics up for everyone, but will have to wait until laterz~

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