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Back In Action!

So the major Holidays are finally over!  All hobby related activities were put on hold until afterwards, and the past month I’ve simply been busy.  My sister finally received her Iplehouse Lion head as my Christmas gift to her, and now I can officially announce that here!  She never thought she would ever get him, being discontinued and a rare head and such, but this persistent sibling combed sales many sales threads, across many boards, for a few years to finally get my grubby paws on one!  Don’t underestimate the power of my determination and obstinacy!  RAWR!

We will be ordering Mirodoll bodies sometime soon.  For now I’m only going to get a female body for Jacera, but later I want one of the 68cm bodies for Jerushe.  I have time, though, as I still don’t have his head.  I will be ordering on for the Lion head, however, so I’ll still have one in hand.  YAY!  I’m on the fence about ordering a 1/4 female body for Inathe.  Mirodoll 1/4th bodies are much smaller than the average, but I think it’ll work well with this small head size, and considering how cheap they are, I should just bite the bullet.  I still have some time to decide, though.

I do have a new head on its way soon!  I finally found a Fairyland Minifee Karsh I couldn’t pass up.  He needs some TLC, but I’m excited at the prospect of what I can do with him, so I can’t wait.  He’s bought and paid for, but will take a bit of time for shipping, so stay tuned.  \o/

Lastly, I’ve sunk in and I’m about the buy quite a few Pullip stock wigs.  They were for a steal and I couldn’t pass them up.  There should be some that will fit the hairless BJDs around here as well!  The same seller had some J-Dolls for purchase as well, so two will be coming, and a floating head and a T-3 body!  Just waiting on the shipping quote and confirmation before paying~

So, that’s about it on this home front!  Waiting for warmer weather to finish some customizations, then it’s time to sew like mad!


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