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Oh, What A Monday It Shall Be

Apparently four packages will converge on my house tomorrow.  That’s if all get here un-delayed!  One is a Phicen I bought for my brother for his Christmas present!  One is a Pullip Taeyang MIO kit for my sister, not has a Christmas present, however.  One is a Volks Neo Guy body, and another is some Pullip clothing I’ve been waiting for: the Alberic stock and some Nosferatu stock parts.  There would have been a Dal arriving with the Taeyang, but I decided to hold off until after the first of the year~

New on the home front are two Deuce Gorgons, one to keep un-customed and another to customize.  I also finally got my Caterine de Mew to custom!  The Mars Explorer Barbie is not officially part of my display collection, and I purchased a nude Model Muse Barbie, Mackie, to custom for display.  Finally, I nabbed some Volks 1/6 heads and an Obitsu head for a crazy cheap price.  Five heads in all~ Now to just nab a female body or two and we’re set!

Almost all heads that are supposed to be worked on atm have been finally coated with MSC and have initial blush layers, but the weather’s been rainy again and I haven’t had time to seal the first layers so I can begin the painting stage.  T_T  All in good time, I suppose.  The heads are all safely tucked away in a box, though, patiently waiting for me to finish them!  They include: Taeyang & Pullip, Another Space RD Yellow, MH Lagoona & CAM Cat, CP Shiwoo, DM Liv, DF-A Zi Luo, Barbie Ryan, and the Obitsu head for Subaru.

Think I got enough heads?  ^_^;

Hopefully another update tomorrow as my packages come in!

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