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Bardo Research Dolls

Sadhana the Modulator 02

Recently became aware of Russian based Bardo Research dolls today.  They have such a lanky look to them that I’m in love!  Currently, they have two 40cm BJDs and two different headsculpts – Remi and Sadhana, as well as a plumper 18cm model named Mahi.



Just from a cursory first look at their website, I have intentions to keep an eye on them from here on out.  I think I would love to get my hands on a Sadhana and turn her into a wired-up Cyberpunk computer tech girl!  Company photos of this model are to blame for this!

Of late, I’ve noticed an increasing amount of companies producing non-anorexic lanky girls, and the style is right up my alley.  A future sculpting project I have always intended on was to bring to realization a race of aliens in a story of mine.  They intentionally have elongated bodies that give a lanky appearance.  For this reason, I’m finding myself with an inclination towards these lanky girls.  No complaints here!

Can’t wait to see owner photos of these girls to start cropping up.

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