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Svar…? Svar!!!!

In a completely random twist of fate… Svar will be coming home!!!  I periodically search for listings of just a Bambicrony Vin head, but never have any success, or he’s always in the wrong color.  Usually, if he IS listed, he’s also always a full doll… in the wrong color, haha.  Floral white is a very popular Vin color… >_<;  I’ve seen a sleepy eyed version once, and that’s been pretty much the only head listing I’ve seen.

And then the other day, when I was pricing him yet again on the website, trying to decide whether to do layaway or keep hoping for just a head to show up though I haven’t seen ANY Vin’s in well over a year or two, I stumbled on Yenna’s listing of her Vin!

My first thought was… NO WAY he’s still available!  But I had to take the chance, so contacted her and today I got her reply…. he WAS still available!!  Come to find out, she’d been trying to sell him for years in various places, but no one wanted him or was interested… apparently predominantly due to his yellowed resin color.  Such a shame!  But good for me, as now my serious, anal-retentive chamberlain is coming home~~  Maybe he was always meant for me.  I’ve followed her for years and am well acquainted with her Camille (who is now an MSdoll Pan) so am feeling very lucky to receive the honor of continuing to give her little Vin much love~  And loved he will surely be… oh, I can’t wait to pinch his little cheeks!!! (Though he’ll bite my fingers off for it!!!!)  I’m so excited, though I shouldn’t be until he gets here, but I just can’t seem to help myself.

I never expected to have him so soon, I am very beside myself, hehe!

OMG, I have to buy his eyes!!!  O_O;

In slight other news… Graeme’s headback is coming along nicely!  I didn’t get it finalized the other day, but the bulk of it was sculpted.  Now I just need to work on the neck, smooth the joining parts, and carve out a spot of a magnet to go into the headcap area.  Also, noticed that the company head parts have a groove in them, and there’s a corresponding lip on the faceplates that entice me to work on said groove part for more stability.  I kind of wish it had a set up like the Unoa faceplate so that it fits into the headback along with the magnet, but it’ll all work out.  At least I’ll have two fun testors for resin casting when I get my supplies finally!

I really shouldn’t be making any BJD purchases due to that reason alone, but I could NOT pass up the Vin head.  Ah well~  Back to crafting and working on things and finishing projects up, yes!

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