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Bella Auden Is Ordered!

I’m back from a very unexpected hiatus. Real life intervenes and always takes precedence over hobbies… but I seem to be back and in timely fashion, too! Just in time to take advantage of Dollmore’s free shipping during the month of February event! I ordered a Bella Auden head in the sales corner, only wishing I could have bought more heads. However, I didn’t discover the sales and event soon enough to budget for more than one item, I’m afraid. Well… there is also two rings thrown in as well, but just frivolities on the whole.

I’ve always loved the Bella Auden mold. Was never quite sure I would own one, but she has such a uniqueness to her that cries out to me… much like the Lilis Liv sculpt. In fact, they’re very similar in appearance. Ah well~ ^_~ I can’t wait for her to arrive. Not at all sure what I want to do with her… whether to make her female or even male, or what character she will inspire, but I’m more excited over it than I expected to be! I ordered her February 28th and she shipped on March 4th. No tracking number, though, so patience is my best friend….. =taps all ten digits and fidgets!=

In other news, I’ve done some mold overhauls. Bael has, more to my surprise than I ever expected to be, evolved into an Iple House Claude or Eric. Honestly, I always thought the Volks F-38 head was simply too perfect…. until I laid eyes on Claude! That smirk did me in and now Bael will forevermore be a Claude or Eric… whichever I get my hands one first, when I get to purchase him. Remiel needs his Bael… =sighs= I’ve also added some more profiles, cleaned up some listings, re-arranged a few things, and am generally getting the site ready for an update. It needs a much more adaptive layout and I’m well past due for it.

I’ve recently been working on the MNF Karsh’s eye mods, readying Corshier for finalization, and many more crafting joys!

The site, in general, is also shifting focus. This will no longer just be BJD oriented first but, rather, focus on the story first, with BJDs and project as an aside. I’m planning options for visitors who want just story info or just BJD info etc. Options, ftw!

And on that note…. I have been working on the stories once more. It’s been awhile, and been hard to work on them, but I’m slowly coming out of my writing funk and the stories are begging to come out. Here’s to future success!

Hope everyone will enjoy the new changes and more content. YAY~!

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