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New Horizons, Yay!

Work’s been keeping me busy, so haven’t had much time for dollieh things. However, there’s been some awesome new items come in!!! I participated in the Volks big clearance sale and got a TON of amazing items. A few I really, really wanted, too! And then, today, I finally got two faceups on my list completed at last! Abrethine and Jacera now have glorious, if inferior, faceups! Abrethine, my Anotherspace Rolly Dolly Yellow head on Bobobie Ni body, has stolen my heart now that she has her face paint. Stunning! I even have an orphaned pair of acrylics that look stunning in her! Didn’t expect to have eyes for her so soon. Would easily have gotten some glass pair, but these acrylics are WOW in her, so they stay! Just need a wig for her and she’s complete! Goodness, but she’s adorable.

And Jacera?

Oh, my stars and garters…. I’m madly in love! I loved her so much before, but now? Just… wow! And it’s not even a perfect faceup! My paints are old and pathetic, but she’s gorgeous, perfectly gorgeous!!! I still want to lower her eyelids, but don’t know if I’ll ever bring myself to do it, haha! But I’m so thrilled to know that either way, I can still pull of the look I want for my darling.

Now, for my Volks package… I ordered a 1/6 doll, a few 1/6 clothes, a handful of eyes, and five grab bags. Two were full 1/6 doll and the other three were 1/6 head bags. If I had known, even had an inkling of what those grab bags would have been, I would have ordered waaaay more. I really wish I’d known, but oh well. Suffice to say, they were HUGE and full! I got clothes, wigs, dolls, and TONS of heads! I have been taking photos and will have them up eventually.

My biggest finds were the Neo Goh 03 head and two C heads. I also got several Neo Goh 02 heads that I was amazed by. There were sooo many A heads! Can’t decide if Seishirou will end up being the 03 head or not, he’s soooo gorgeous! But an 02 head would also be awesome for his character. Also… I can’t help but want to turn one of the C heads into my Harry OC. It’s soooooo tempting! I still need a Volks EB 27cm female body then I’ll have everything complete. I did get one, but in the lovely tan skin… which wouldn’t be a problem if I didn’t also need one in normal, lol~ Ah well, I hope to nab one eventually and everyone else can have an Obitsu body, heh!

And that’s about it from this front for now. Next few weeks are gonna be super busy. Have a costume or two to make, plus a few other projects, but hopefully I can fit some dollieh timez in to finish these projects, lol!

Later, gatorz~

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