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Bríean Is Home!

You read that right.  After all these years… I’ve finally got the first portion of Bríean home at last!!!  I do certainly believe this constitutes as a “grail” doll!!!  I stumbled on a sales thread at the DoA Market Place for a normal skin CP Shiwoo Vampire head.  This head has been somewhat elusive since they were discontinued at Luts, more so for the normal skin tone.  I could find plenty in white.  Most of the listings were for a full doll and didn’t want to split him, so I’ve had to keep looking.  I still hold out hope that Fairyland will be releasing Shiwoo along with the others, but that might be awhile yet.

He’s just as wonderful a sculpt as I always knew he would be… and oh, my, those teethy!!!!

I paid for him on Thursday of last week and… shock of shocks… he arrived the very next day!  Lucky me that the seller is located in my own state!  After having waited so long for my Bríean, it was almost no wait at all after purchase.

His arrival is in sharp contrast to my purchase for Jacera’s head!  My purchase from Dollmore was confirmed on Sept. 13 and I’ve been waiting patiently for her to ship.  I’ve been so excited about finally getting my hands on her!  Not much longer now~

I had been a little sad about having to purchase her first, since I had always wanted to get Bríean before Jacera… NEVER could I have imagined events to turn out the way they have!  Like fate~ ^_^

Bríean’s purchase didn’t come without some technicalities…  Her sales thread said shipping was included, but when I asked her about it she said it wasn’t supposed to be like that, and with current shipping prices she couldn’t afford to include it… okay.

Then, all the damage mentioned was some holes strangely drilled into his head cap mech, tape marks, and very light yellowing.  The sales photo of the head cap is straight on and only shows one hole.

Oh, boy, folks!  The moment I opened his head cap I immediately spied two holes and… completely noticeable in my poor lighting and a good foot away from my face… the mech had been broken clean off and re-glued.  There was even dirt in the glued area so the line stood out MUCH better than it would have otherwise.  In other words… I would have been blind not to see it.

The next blatantly obvious thing was that, where the tape had been located was a squarish patch of pink… compared to a yellow head.  Yes, folks, quite the yellowing has occurred, lol!  Where the tape had been located it had protected the resin in its own fashion.  It matches better the inside of the head.

When questioning the seller about the broken head cap mechanism, she seemed shocked and didn’t know it was like that…

Oh, well.  At least Bríean is home and in my greedy, greedy little hands.  Now to get my hands on his “human” head and we’ll be set!

Today I also made my purchase for sealant!  Joy of joys!  I can finally get these poor dollies painted and DONE!  Such a long wait, but excitement is around the corner, folks!

MH dolls to be painted: Lagoona, CAM Cat, Ghoulia, Robecca, Abby, Catty(might need another one, lol)

BJD to be painted: Kah’z, Bríean, Jacera (when she arrives)… Rem repaint would be lovely, and Odan if I get around to him, lolol!

MISC to be painted: Fashionista Ryan, mebbe the barb I picked up.  Oh, and that Midnight Magic head, too~

May hold off on repainting Kah’z, thought he is in desperate need of a repaint, in hopes of getting a second head for Indar’e so I can paint them together.

My camera is AWOL, so no good quality pictures until then.  Hence why Catty Noir unboxing photos won’t happen, lol!  For now, using my tablet to take anything needing done.  Now, for the un-boxing!

Pooooor lighting shows crumpled newspaper wrapping/packaging.

Inside the newspaper is moar wrapped head (beside package).

Me unwrapping the head, hee~

And, here he is, folks!!  *_*  Isn’t he precious?  =slowly moves fingers away from very dangerous teethies=

Side view with tape holding head cap still~

Neck view~

Obligatory up-the-nose shot showing off teethies~

Tape spot on the top of the head cap… there’s more of a color difference than the photos show~

First shot inside head cap, similar to the sales thread~

The following are several images showing the drill holes as well as the very evident crack where the mech has been snapped off completely and re-glued… it looks like a super glue job.  May have to repair with apoxy later depending on how stable it is~




And there we have it!  Hopefully I will locate that errant camera soon and get some good, quality shots.  Preferably by the next weekend as my MSC should be here by next Monday!

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