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Such a Lovely Friday 13th~

Been away the last several months on a hiatus, but back and ready for action!  Not too much time for dollies of late, but there have been a few more additions to the crew.  I landed a Monster High Robecca Steam some time back and today the absolutely gorgeous Catty Noir!  I missed Catty’s first release, though I did see her on the shelves, but I couldn’t resist nabbing her on her signature day~  I plan on doing a box opening review later.  My love for her knows no bounds.  She is officially my second fave MH after Skull Shores B&W Frankie.

There’s also a Fashionista Ryan hanging around waiting for customization before leaving me to go to a certain someone, as well as two cute knock-off Ddungs I plan to re-body next week.  Tons of fun around here!

Telly’s got the beginnings of a body and a head for the Power Team body should be arriving soon.

Speaking of heads….. After a much, MUCH, anticipated event and incredibly long (years) wait….  I have finally ordered my Dollmore Lilis Liv head!  Jacera’s coming home!  It would have been Shiwoo if Luts still sold him or if Fairyland had released him with El, Yder, Lishe… but as he’s still MIA, I went with Lilis Liv.  I’ve been fearful Dollmore would discontinue her, but no longer!  I probably have another two weeks before she gets shipped but if I had patience for years I can manage this small time frame.

Maybe.  Perhaps.  =whistles innocently=

Next week I finally get to order my desperately needed MSC and, if all goes well =crosses fingers= a surprise head that I shall not speak of in case the chance falls through.

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