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Quick Update – 02.09.17

Giving a quick update on a few things.

Finished paying off a layaway for a Volks MSD boy body.  It’s the long-legged version and was a perfect find for Caetahn.  Kinda exciting having a dolly full put together so easy like that!  It’s from 2003 and yellowed, so a perfect option for my 2004 F-09 head.  Now, to have the time to fix his overly large eyes and we’ll be set!  Only thing been holding me back is having to re-do the face-up when he has a decent one atm.  Considering how backlogged my lovvehs are for face-ups.  He’ll need a dedicated wig, though the long, silver one I have on hand looks nice on him.  Still… really needing some variety in hair color and since he doesn’t have a dedicated one yet, I want to take the opportunity to get creative!

Still unhappy with Indar’e’s body atm and glad it’s just a temporary one…

Made my second payment for my Resinsoul Song in coffee color.  Pol!  *_*  I can’t wait until he comes home!  I’ve waited so long and ended up deciding to just get him the human body.  I may still yet buy the Sui dragon body later and see how it looks.  We shall see, eh?  Maybe it won’t take as long to bring Khida home for him~

Might be buying a Alice Collections kimono unless I can help myself, haha!

Still working on processing Suri Alpaca fibers.  Brushing out the 11″+ white locks as we speak.  However, I finally placed a huge order for some more variety.   I’m a big fan of Woolly Delight on Etsy, and that’s where most of my fibers come from.  My new order consists of the following:

2oz 11″ dark-chocolate
6oz 7-9″ white
4oz 5-6″ black

I’ve been pushing to get the longer fibers, but some of the shorter fibers are best for the smaller dolls, so decided that I could try the black in the 5-6″ range.  Plus, they’re a great length for short hair!  I do kinda hope the black fibers are long enough to make a proper wig for Briean and I wanna see how it takes some hyper red dye to make the blackish red I want for his hair.  Plus, there should be plenty enough to make a better wig for Odan.  And of course, one for Pol when he gets here!  The 11″ dark-chocolate fibers I’m hoping will be perfect for Rem!  If not… I may dye the top part a lighter shade so he has that “golden” touch, haha.  Just a hint, not actually blonde.  I’ve also wondered how they would look for Meron, but her hair should also have some gray-browns and various shades of “wood”.  We shall see~

The white goes for everyone else still needing wigs, lol.  Although, I don’t think it’s long enough for Chiaru’s wig.  That one I’ll have to invest in more 11″+ fibers.  Was also looking into some ramie instead of alpaca since they go super long.  Thought it might be worth experimenting with.

And that’ll pretty much catch me up for now.  Back to the slave labor, er, fiber brushing!  /o\

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