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Site Updates – 2018 June 13

Just a quick update: Fleshed out several more profiles and working on uploading more.  Have already been making gallery pages and uploading photos in the background for the past month.  Should have more soon.  Also have been working on more profile thumbnails and photos, so hopefully that will be ready shortly!  Also made more progress […]

My Own Little Piece of a Controversy

I posted this on another forum days ago and figured that, by all means, I should post it here. Recently Mirodoll has come under fire for copying the doll designs of another company (or 2 or 3 in my opinion). They have fully backed down, removed the infringing dolls, and issued an apology. However, a […]

Jerushe is Here!

Yep yep, trying to get back into the proper updating mode, and writing to say that Jerushe is finally home!!! =cheers= Such a moment of happiness!  I’ve waited for years for this.  Heck, I’ve waited years just to see a Soom Dia/Sard in person!  The wait did not let me down.  I took box opening […]

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