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Doll Chateau Damara… say whaaa?

Had a LOVELY dolleh meetup Saturday!  We had us a Shiwoo meet in the midst as well!  Briean was surrounded by so many lovelies it was wonderful~  Bought a few trinkets here and there, such as a cute 1/6 yo-sized pinnafore that Abby is currently sporting.  There’s a gorgeous white lace dress either for Monster High size or the 16″ Monster High body.  Tried it on the larger body already and it just barely fits.  Gotta try it on a smaller, too~  Grabbed a cute skirt for a unique body shape and some CUTE and perfect 1/4th shoes that look like a pink/mauve suede, hur hur~  Oh, and a black tie!  ‘Cause, yanno~ 

And… A Doll Chateau Damara head, ftw!  I’ve actually been eyeing this for months and I figured if she was there Saturday I’d bite.  And she was, so I did!  Patchwork ragdoll girl FTW!  I heard suggestions of other’s mentioning putting her on the Monster High body and I had also thought of that, so may end up doing so.  Undecided for now, but the quickest best size and color match would be the MH, so may buy one for the time being. 

In other news, I have finished Kah’z’s wig and gonna fix the top part of Indar’e’s before calling it done.  Briean’s fibers have been dyed a dark red, The lil Soso now has bright green yarn hair, while Abby is showing off her bright blue yarn hair!  Next is setting up Bael’s wig and Pol’s, as he has SHIPPED and due to arrive any day!!!!  =parties=  Meron’s I was ready to do, then decided I wanted more complicated colors, so need to take time to get my shades right before starting.  I may take some time to do a few fun colored alpaca wigs cause I can, rawr!  Plus, they may be fun to put on Etsy and see how they fair.

Lots of projects ahead as I wait for the bebehz to arrive.  Ciao~

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