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New Haul or Bael Has a Shirt

I recently made two separate purchases. Last week as a matter of fact. From one seller I purchased two very much needed t-shirts and a gorgeous pair of black sparkly heeled shoes. From the other I purchased a pair of Soom Mecha Angel hands. They both arrived this morning!

Firstly, the Soom hands. They’re so lovely in person! I’m putting them on the Mirodoll 68cm boy body. The only draw back is that body was the paler of the two male bodies, so the hands are very pink in comparison. They really match the 66cm body… but the 68cm is the one that needs the hands. BAD… Might blush them later to match, lol! So excited, though… no more shovel hands, yay! And for a really decent price, too~

Secondly, the two shirts were both Tata BJD shirts. One in gray and the other in a dark, forest green. They are so nice! They’re 70cm shirts. They fit a bit loose and baggy on the 68cm body and a little snug (in a good way!) on my Iplehouse SID. Bael has a shirt, zomg! It’s a miracle! Haven’t had a chance to try it on the 66cm body to see how it fits, but will later, rawr~

And then… the shoesThose shoes… just, WOW! So the brand is called Yomi’s Blog. It’s a store on Taobao and I will be putting and order in soon! There’s some boots and other shoes I’m eyeing pretty hard and must make them mine, lol. Like these, and these, and these! And these heels? Too cute! So many choices, so little time.

That’s all for now!

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