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Fibers, alive, alive-o~

Popping in for a smallish update. I still haven’t had a chance to take photos of all the new goodies around here, but I have been slowly working on processing a new batch of alpaca fibers I received last week. I ordered another round of fibers from WoollyDelight seeing as how my first order was so amazing. This new one is apparently from the first shearing of a baby alpaca and the fibers are just so incredibly soft and silky! Absolutely amazing! I also ordered some of the long, 11″ish fiber locks in this order. They are also suri, but not quite as silky and strong as the baby.

Along with the processing, I have experimented with some coloring jobs. If I ever want pure gray/silver hair, at least I now know how to achieve it. Oh wait, do I hear Eylyn calling me? lol~

I’m still dealing with this up-and-down bout of sinus infection/allergies I’ve been coping with all year, so what little bits I have been able to do are the fiber processing. There’s a lot I really want to do, but hard to work on things when you have blurry vision. >_< Like, I have this perfect Betty Boop fabric I bought to do a stupidly simple ’50s Rockabilly style dress for Jacera et al…. and I can’t even get the pattern finished. bleh~

All in good time, I suppose. In the meantime, I’ve gone ahead and made a HUGE Captured in Glass eye purchase. 8 pairs of eyes this time around, good goodness! Two of these pairs are for my mother’s as yet still unnamed Mirodoll Lili. She couldn’t decide between green or blue, so she’s got one of each! They’re also custom sizes, 14mm with 6mm iris’. She has such a fun eye size~ OTL

Purchase order is as follows:

Odan = EM 44/26 | 16mm/9-10mm
Kah’z = EM 09 | 14mm/7mm
Jacera = ET 58-1 | 14mm
Sorde = ET 40 | 16mm
Svar = EM 418 | 14mm/7mm
Lili = EM 26 & EF03 | 14mm/16mm
Inathe/Graeme = ET 74 | 12mm

The ET 74 eyes at 12mm fit either Inathé or Graeme, and since I couldn’t decide which should have them, they’re kinda a toss up.  I can’t wait to see them in person, though!  They look really gorgeous online.

And that’s about it for now.  Let’s hope I feel well soon enough to do some proper photos of my backlog, lol!

Eventually, I plan on taking step-by-step photos of my alpaca processing to make a guide and whatnot.

Until then~

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