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Mirodoll Bodies Have Arrived!

My package finally came yesterday!  I had a doctors appointment and hadn’t been feeling good, so no postings until today.  Took photos, but need to get them on my comp and sommat edited before upload.  But excited and happy!  Had issues, but at least things are in hand.  No samples, though.  =sighs=  Jacera’s head is on her body, she’s dressed in boy clothes, but she looks gorgeous!  I need to order her eyes, and she’s stolen Rem’s wig, but I’m just so enamored by her.  Amazing what putting her on a body and being able to stand back can do!

Mom loves her Lili~  Was looking at wigs on her own, heeeee~~  And she’s super cute in person!  Had fun trying heads on her today and more than I thought would work!  Sooooo, going to add two more female bodies to the list.  One for Inathe and another for… shocker here… Abrethine!  I popped Abby on the body and… she’s literally perfect!  Honestly amazing.  Will post photos later, as well.

Now… to stop staring at Jacera! *___*

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