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Headz on the Rize~

The Doll Family-A Zi Luo head arrived and he’s just as lovely as when I first saw him years ago!  The seller included a free pair of eyes and some putty, completely unexpected!  Oddly enough, the eyes she gave me are the ones I wanted for Pol (RS Song), only in acrylic instead of glass.  This way when I finally purchase Pol I can have some eyes for him until I decide if I want glass or if the size needs adjusting.  Joy!

Then, and I almost couldn’t believe my luck, I landed a surprise purchase!  I can’t say what it is specifically until the party I purchased it for actually receives it (just on the chance she sees this post), but let it be known a MUCH sought after head has been bought and is now in my devious little hands, rawr!  Oh, I can’t wait until I can reveal this mysterious purchase!  I’m so excited just thinking about her opening the box!  =twitters in happiness=

I also purchased a Resin Soul 1/6 body.  I have always wanted a Resin Soul tiny, but the offer on this body was one I couldn’t refuse.  No head yet, and looking around while also contemplating sculpting one for it (which I might regardless).  It had no feet, no s-hooks, slightly modded chest, and strange webbing mods between the fingers, but other wise in good shape.  I sculpted some feet, re-strung it, made some hooks, and it was good to go!  If I’m lucky I’ll score a Bei head, lol!  Otherwise, I’d love one of the Pi/Xi/Xu Bodies with a Bei head~ /o/  May still get one some time in the future, but for now gonna concentrate on planned dollies.

No idea yet who or what the Zi Luo head will be, or even if it will be male or female!  But I do really like the feel of the sculpt and it has loads of potential!

Doll Family-A Zi Luo:

ResinSoul 1/6 Ni Body:
[ResinSoul] Ni Body Arrival - 01

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