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Last week I put in an order for something I’ve wanted for quite awhile.  Which is pretty much the same for all my previous purchases, lol!  I’ve had to wait a looong week for it to even be shipped, it being a pre-order and all, but sometime soon a Pullip MIO kit will be heading my way!  It would only have been made more perfect if Pullip Style had had a Taeyang MIO kit available at the time.  They did have the Dal MIO but it was soon unavailable right before I placed my order.  Oh well, time for that later!

Continuing the short but definite spending spree… I have purchased something I never expected to.  Right now, a Unoa Lusis faceplate is heading my way!  I had seen a Unoa Sist in person about three years ago and had fallen in love with the sculpt.  I had always admired the Unoa’s, but never thought I’d buy one.  I also never officially put it on my list because I have so many on there already that it’s gonna take time to get… but oh well!  I surprised myself with the Lusis, though.  When I saw it I was just taken with it.  So Lusis over Sist it is, then!  She’s scheduled to be here on the 13th and I just can’t wait!

Khida should have been my first female 1/4, but since the Lusis faceplate won’t have a body yet and doesn’t even have a name or identity yet, I think she’s safe~

Next week I’ll also finish purchasing a little tiny that will be coming home.  It’s Anotherspace Rolly Yellow head, old Leeke body hybrid.  I’m first gonna see if it pairs well with the Resin Soul 1/6 body I have, but either way I think I’m gonna fix him up and see which family member of mine falls in love with the little tyke.  Surprise giftings are fun!

I have also decided I absolutely will be purchasing a Mirodoll body, and soon.  I was looking at some comparison and reference photos and finally saw enough of the female 1/3 body to make a definite decision on it.  Plus, the new 40% off price is more than tempting.  I so want the 60cm or 68cm male body, but I have a male body already and poor Jacera needs attention, so a female body first it is!  Yes, I went for the large bust over the small.  I should go for the small size so it’s more compatible for other dolls as I get their heads, but I want the large for Jacera, so large it is.

Plus, the males get all the attention anyway~

Only thing I don’t like about the Mirodoll bodies are their arms.  More specifically, their elbow areas.  It just looks really clunky to me.  But everything else is very nice and I absolutely love how the male bodies look “thick” muscular versus “anorexic” thin!!  They’re meaty!  It’s really rather refreshing!  I saw a Sard hybrid that confirmed how much I want the 68cm body… especially considering I was wanting to put a Dia head on it for Jerushe.  Actually seeing the hybrid together was just perfect!  Plus, the company has a comparison photo with the 60cm and 68cm male bodies together showing the height difference, which would be on par with the 1/3 female body, and it’s just perfect!  The Dollmore body would be smaller, which would make me even happier, but if I ever to purchase it I’ll go for the Glamor Eve body.

Jacera’s supposed to be small, petite, and a power house, while Jerushe was always intended to be very tall.

That’s all for now! o/

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