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Karsh Is Here!

On Monday my Fairy Land Minifee Karsh project head arrived!  He was so much more lovelier in person than I expected.  I’ve loved the Karsh mold ever since he was released, but wasn’t sure I’d ever have one.  Well, the uncertainty is over, lol!

He is a project head.  He’s had some work done on him leaving me with just the eyes to finish sculpting/forming and a good deal of sanding to do.  Good thing I’ve had quite the practice on my clay sculpts!  The seller disclosed all the sordid details so I wasn’t shocked in the least.  All his important features are perfectly intact, so really it’s just some sanding and eye modifications to do.  The seller even included a free black fur wig and some acrylic eyes for him that I wasn’t expecting!

I currently have him sitting on Kah’z body (since Kah’z off of it waiting for a faceup).  He sits low on the neck due to having the FL neck whole.  I’d need a donut if I wanted to make it permanent, but it’s only temporary of course~

All in all I’m very pleased and happy with this purchase!  He may not have been on the actual wishlist, but most of my doll heads haven’t been… ^_^;

Speaking of wishlist…  I have officially knocked one off!  I put in my first of two layaway payments for a Luts SDF Annette head!  She’s been on it since her released and I was able to score a lovely one to bring home!  When she gets here I’ll make the final decisions on what she’ll end up as.  Really looking forward to that!  She was initially in the running for a “Subaru,” but I recently came across another doll company that has a mold I feel would be perfect for him… even better than the Ethan!  So I’d rather shoot for that for Subaru.  That leaves the decision for the Annette to be either a female or male… and she’s perfect for both!  Ah well, all in good time!  Last payment is next week, yay!

And that should be all for now from this peanut gallery!








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