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Oh, My Saints!

An amazing acquirement!  I got not one, not two, but three Saint face plates!  Already bought, in the mail, and arrived at my door step!  My Annette should be here Tuesday, but the Saints arrived first!!!  I’m so excited~  This means I now have two BJDs knocked off my wishlist!!!  I’m beside myself, heee! Saint looks so gorgeous in person, very impressive.  It’s the newer version of the face, but having him in hand is better than not.  I even got a COA with two of the heads.

On top of all this joy, I was able to finally find a B&W Skull Shores Frankie!  She’ll be here tomorrow with the Original Favorites I bought with her.  Those were bought purely for display and nothing more.  YAY!  That means I can fully custom the B&W Frankie head I have on the Midnight Magic body to my heart’s content, put her on a matching Obitsu body, and let ‘er rip!  I wanted a jointed Fashionista body, but Mattel seams to have pulled them from the market… wha?!  T_T  And I don’t want to spray paint the one body I do have.  =sighs=

A second-hand, 27cm Obitsu 2 part Soft Bust body + head arrived yesterday.  I was told the head was a basic head, but when it got here I thought it looked like a Volks.  Sure enough!  It’s a Volks Mini blonde head!  Cute in person~  The Obitsu body’s a bit rough and stained in the joints, but most of the damage will be covered.  Gotta do something about the neck peg, though.  Gonna whittle it down to size since it’s already been cut up. ^^;  And that’s considering it’s the largest size! lol!  Almost never got the Volks head off it, yipes!  Haven’t had a chance to put any of the other heads on it yet (due to the neck peg), but rest assured I will be having fun with that shortly!  I definitely want another of these bodies, just haven’t fully decided my plans on them.  This one will be the shared body for now, and eventually end up as the one nekomimi I wanted.  I’m sooo tempted to make my Kyorh crew out of these bodies, but… I’ll have to think about it.  That’d be eight female bodies minimum plus two male bodies.

The Obitsu + Volks head~


And then the Saints!






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