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Major Overhauls

An update some time or other for NextGen broke the gallery and I didn’t notice. Sub galleries couldn’t be accessed and it was a general mess. Had to do a major overhaul of the gallery and added some back photos, mostly WiP photos for the Artist Dolls section. Also tweaked a few profiles, fixed a coding bug or two, and began uploading the profile pictures I did quite awhile back. Decided to color them before uploading to make ’em a little bit spiffier! /o/ Will be uploading the rest of them over the course of the next week as I finish speed coloring them. I promise nothing spectacular!

Eventually I should also have FINISHED photos of Corshier up. How many years has it been now? I started her in 2007… my God! =dies= BUT! She’s only missing a pair of hands and ears now, and one of her elbow joints broke on me so that has to be replaced. I made the mistake of not baking it long enough, so it was very weak and inevitable that it would break. Ah well…. ^_~; I keep trying to sculpt her hands, but they keep coming out too large, meaty, etc. =rails her fist in frustration=

As for Rem, I need some more clay, though, if I’m even going to finish his torso part. The upper part’s mostly done, and I WILL be baking it before continuing, but I at least want to finish his stomach and hip parts before I get too busy. Legs and arms can wait, can’t they? ehheh X_X

Now, as long as an update doesn’t cause random issues again with coding, we should be all good here. =slaps some more glue on and runs away=

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