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New Stuff on the Horizon

So, a month ago I ordered some glass eyes from Captured in Glass. They arrived and they’re absolutely gorgeous!!! The pair for Corshier is just… beyond perfect. Really, she’s just so stunning in them! The pair I chose for Rem are beautiful, but when placed in his head they become darker. Which, isn’t exactly a bad thing, but I need a lighter color for him. Otherwise, they’re amazing! The rosy color I picked out for Timir was PERFECT for her! And that color was a gamble! The only problem I ended up with is that, with the high dome (higher than Kah’z’s acrylics), the eyes end up appearing larger than the size they are. Corshier’s is okay, if a little larger than I’d wanted, but suits me just fine, and so is Timir’s. However, Rem’s is just a little larger than I need for him. And since I already wanted to get a lighter color, I’ll just go a size down when I order them to even it all out. For now, though, they work and I plan on getting full use out of them. I like the darker hue so much I’ll be keeping them even after getting Rem his proper ones!

I also, hopefully, will be having a new head on the way. Waiting to hear back and all, but I have a pretty good idea that re-housing those lovely gray eyes in this new head might just be a perfect match. I’m really excited about it!

Also, I’ll finish with an update on the sculpting projects. Corshier has hands and her knee has finally been fixed! I need to do some re-shaping all over, sanding as well, and finish her head cap before I can say she’s done. Now that she has eyes, I can’t wait to show off the finished product. Timir’s head has also been re-worked, and I just have a wee bit more work on the headcap plus some sanding before calling her done as well. Finally, there’s Rem’s torso. The sculpting is nearly complete on the full torso! I have some baking, cutting, and sanding to do before it’s done. Then I’ll start on the arms and legs. I’m so excited about these projects being nearly complete, I’m contemplating seeing how well I can throw a body together for Timir.

And that’s all for now, folks! Expecting to be uploading new photos not much longer now!

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