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Na-Nu-Ri Has Arrived

So, the head came in yesterday.  The mail was running late and I was bouncing all around waiting for it.  Packaging was great and the seller added in one of her super cute paper doll booklets.  Much love~  Na-Nu-Ri was in great shape!  Better than even I was expecting, although a bit dirty (glitter in the head cap joints? weird glue like substance in the eye well?), but no where near as much as I have seen before and still exactly as advertised.  The face-up has weathered the years mighty well, but, sadly, it’s definitely gonna go.  My mother agrees… those eyebrows have GOT to go! Oi!  We keep expecting them to take flight and go stab someone!  But never fear.  I will be taking very good photos of the default face-up before it’s gone.  Especially considering I haven’t really found a lot of owner pictures with the default face-up.

He’s also a very creamy color, but I can see a tinge of green in the right light… so I suppose one day he will end up as a true Beauty Green.  Not a problem in my book.  It’s probably been staved off due to being hidden away?  Dunno.

Too early to know what name he shall have, but I think I’m going for a fae in character to fit in with the Essence of Dust story arc.  Which means he’ll probably be sticking around.  One thing I have to definitely say about this model:  it looks SO much better in person!  Seems most people give him the standard 18mm eyes from what pictures I’ve seen, and an occasional 16mm appears every so often.  I put Timir’s and Rem’s 14mms in, though, and aside from a bit of gaping at the corners of the eyes, the iris size looks amazing.  I was also amazed that Rem’s lovely gray eyes looked the right color in the NNR’s head rather than his own. >_<  But it doesn’t suit that head.  Neither does the rose color of Timir’s.  It came out more brown than anything.  That default faceup works brown quite nicely, but gonna do something different with this one.  I do think I might go for a brilliant blue for the eyes.  Something a bit captivating.

Hair color is still up in the air, though.  Rem’s temp wig is making the rounds again, however.  Been going back and forth between Rem and Timir, and now the NNR head’s been getting the treatment.  I really need some more wigs in this house. ^_~;  Will probably go buy some black faux fur this weekend.  I don’t particularly like what’s available in my area (the product quality sucks), but that’s life.  Still, it’s what Kah’z has been using from day one!  (Discounting the temporary weird icky gray one and the hot pink wig of D00M!)

On a LOVELY note, I, of course, tried the CP Delf head on Rem’s 65cm body and… OMG… It was AWESOME!  I musts needs Sorde now!  =grabby hands=  Sorde is SO totally going on this body!  I need to extend the neck about 1/2 an inch to 3/4ths for the CP head, though, otherwise it looks a bit squat, but doing so also won’t make Rem’s head look odd, so a longer neck we shall have indeed.  It was just the gumption I needed to get back to work on the body.

And, because I just simply couldn’t resist… a teaser pic.  (Click the picture for a larger view.)  Please excuse the random spotting due to me forgetting to clean the lense… >_<  Also, I promise the doll is white skin, even if it looks peachy here.  I have poor lighting in my room and I didn’t even touch PS to adjust for my “golden” room light.

The eye on the left is Timir’s glass rose 14mm and the eye on the right is an acrylic 18mm that came with the head.  The 14mm looks a bit closer to a 16mm due to the high dome, but the size difference is more noticeable in person.  I like the 14mm better.

And look-it, you can see the blushing!

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