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And just like that, a head is on it’s way!  If I’d waited but a day, I could have included the new developments in the last post.  While the original head was unavailable, I found another late last night that I simply couldn’t pass up.  The seller told me today it should be shipped tomorrow, so it’s pins-and-needles time until it arrives.  It doesn’t have far to go, at least – just one state over.

This head is a CP Delf Na-Nu-Ri 2006 event head in white skin.  [Click to View]  It will be my first white skin BJD, and even if it’s aged, I’m quite a bit excited.  It’s in very decent condition with an original default face-up.  This being so sudden, I don’t quite have a name for him yet.  Depending on how I feel about him once he’s here, I may give him the surname of Feldspar…. just because I like it.  Although, that’s very, very tentative.  That just leaves a first name.  As for that face-up, default or no that has stood the test of time (6 years), I’m pretty sure it’s gonna go.

On a side note, I made some 1/4 sized scarves today.  Should be up on Etsy soon.

And now…. it’s time to play the waiting game.

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