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Plans: Pocahontas!

For some time now I have been making plans to purchase a Pocahontas doll.  While I’m not awfully big on collecting the Disney Princess dolls, I do adore seeing them.  Lately, and probably because I’ve been feeling a need to strengthen my ties to my heritage, I’ve been increasingly drawn to Pocahontas.  Sure, it’s mostly because she’s like, the only First Nation/Native American strongly and solidly represented in pop-culture, i.e. cartoons and toy merchandising… but she does cut a lovely figure.  And I still love the Disney movie even with its flaws… 

I don’t particularly have a favorite Disney movie or princess.  I love them all far too much!  But there is only a select few I could ever imagine myself bringing about into doll form for the ever increasing collection around here.  This is, for all intents and purposes, a reaaaaallllly good thing!  To date, I’d only want a Pocahontas, Mulan, and/or Belle.  I mean, that’s culling them pretty harsh, so I’m trying notto want a Moana, or Elsa, or Aurora…. =sighs= 

So, I’ve been searching around at the Disney Store releases of Pocahontas and trying to decide via internet pictures if the differences in the faces are just makeup or face molds themselves.  And if it’s face molds, then trying to decide and pinpoint the one in the masses that I want to use for my re-paint Pocahontas doll.  Doesn’t help that I missed the release of the 17″ Pocahontas collectors doll that made me nearly faint to look at!  I’ll have to pay double or more than double now if I really want her/can’t live without her…

Which really only made me want to make my Pocahontas doll even more!  So, I went looking again at releases but can’t really narrow one down.  Today, I was browsing some re-paint vids on Youtube.  One in particular had a lovely Pocahontas doll with a made to move body! 

The color match was absolutely, hands down, perfect!  So, what would any I-have-needs-to-have-custom-Pocahontas-doll-girl do?  Go look for the body to purchase!

And that’s when I saw that this particular Made-to-Move Barbie goes for waaaaay higher than the store price was!  I nearly fainted!  Cheapest I saw was Amazon for around $40~  I knew I had bought one, so was thinking how lucky I was, but felt sad I only had one… until I checked my storage box and realized I hadbought two!  Go figure~

Until I can nail down which Disney Store mold I want permanently, I have plans to purchase this Pocahontas from Walmart and re-body her on the MTM body!  Even practice how I want her re-painted until I get the one I want.

And on a side note… I ran across the Feathers in the Wind Pocahontas from the 90s… and fell in love! 

Pocahontas Feathers In The Wind
by Maria C, on Flickr

I remember seeing this doll when I was a kid!  She’s just as beautiful as I remember…  Which, of course, means one more addition to my little family~

Now, to remember to purchase that Pocahontas doll beforeI leave work!

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