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So Many Arrivals! & Purchases~

May was a busy month and it hasn’t slowed down coming into June.  There were a number of purchases made and several layaways for long desired items!

From the top:

Unbelievably, an Esthy Peroth fell into my hands. Years I have longed for him and put him on the wishlist of things I will never be able to get… until now!  I’m simply beside myself.  He’s got very light modding… just the tip of his nose has been shortened.  Peroth had a super sharp nose so a lot of people would mod just the tip round.  He’s got that going on, but it looks very nice, so I’m happy.  Besides, I can always sculpt the tip back on with Apoxie if I need to, hehe!

I put a Merry Doll Round Olathe on layaway.  Yes!  And Olathe!!!  *___*  She’s gonna be vanilla and I can’t wait until she’s paid off and gets here.

I have a Cerisedolls Manon on layaway.  I.  Have.  A.  Cerisedolls.  Manon.  on layaway!!!!  *____*  I’ve always thought she was gorgeous, and then one was put up for sale and I just had to nab her.  She’s got a gorgeous faceup from Clockwork Angel and will be a very yellowed cream, but I’m excited all the same to bring her home.

Bought one of the new Obitsu bodies for my mum’s Planetdoll Bong Bong head and zomg must have an army for myself now!!!!!!  No, seriously, if other things didn’t take precedence I would have bought a million.  Probably.  Most likely… Okay maybe a million is inconceivable, but my point is made, lol!  They are simply amazing.  I can’t wait until they release a male v2. Goodness!!!  But I do plan on purchasing several for FL puki and little fee faceplates.  Man, I want another Realpuki Soso to put on one, the proportions are amazing!  *__*

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