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To surmise… or how I got behind!

So, June ended up being white the busy month!!!  I had a few posts needing to be made, but IRL has been waaay busy.  So, you g to make this another quick run down.  I have things planned for some reviews just need to edit photos and take some more for a few posts.  

  • My Mirodoll order finally arrived!  Everything is stellar!  Remiel fits the 61cm  body, but I like the bulk of the 66cm more, so giving the body to…. Chiaru! It’s perfect for his character!  And dark chocolate Iris is gorgeous!
  • Olathe is paid off and should be shipped soon!  So excited!
  • Manon has one more payment ~
  • I found a well priced Bernard faceplate today.  The faceup perfectly matches Merit so I have decided he shall be her brother!  Love Insta inspiration, lol. He’s already in the mail.
  • Got my own Obitsu v2 24cm body, two 1/6 heads I’ve always wanted, a Hujoo Berry finally! 
  • Bought two more 1/3 delf neck connectors from Shapeways as well as two 1/4 minifee and a cute sandstone BJD .  Reviews I  the works for all three.
  • Heads undergoing faceup are all blushed and just need time start painting!  Darn all this rain.  Lol.  >_<

Annnd that should catch me up for today!!!
And a final happy birthday to Kah’z bebbeh! 10 years of love~ ???

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