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Taeyang MIO Kit Arrival with Pullip & Unoa Preview~

My Taeyang arrived yesterday!  I was just a tad worried when I saw that his nose had poked through his packaging sometime in transit, but there was no damage and that’s all that matters.  So I took a few quick snap shots before taking him out and putting him together.  I took the opportunity to make quick eyes for him and the Pullip before putting him fully together.  I still need to do faceups… but still behind, ah well~

I also was able to fix the Pullips eyelids, so aside from her leg issue, she’s all together now.  Taeyang’s body is the same size and build as my Volks are.  I’m really lovin’ it!  Still working on wigs, though.  I tried the red wine wig on the Tae and he looks so innocent and sweet!  Then I tried it on the Pullip and… that was deadly.  O_O  Way more bossy than I want her to look, so off it came before that personality was solidified, lol!  I think she may be rather dangerous.  The wig is too small for either, but it’ll stay on the Tae for now.  Pictures of that later, though~

So, without further ado, here are my lovelies!

Unoa Lusis, since she came in first!  Hard to see the scratches in her lip-crease/cheek area, which is a good thing.  Photo does not do her faceup justice.  *_* She was surrounded in the bubble-wrap, inside the black box, inside the bubble mailer. ^_^

Pullip with her new eyes~  (And some makeshift clothes.)
[Pullip] MIO Temp Eyes - 00 [Pullip] MIO Temp Eyes - 01

Taeyang, all together and with his eyes~  The eyes are greener than in the photos.  ^_^;

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