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Pol & Kor~

Today, I made my final payment for Pol.  I asked to add on a set of Tang hands for him and a pair of feet for my Resinsoul Ni body.  Sure, her sculpted feet look cute, but I can get her fully casted resin ones, whee!  So excited about Pol coming home soon!  I really need to order Khida for him, but kinda made another big purchase already, haha~

Switch announced the sale of twins Haseo and Seoha for this past Wednesday.  Seoha is the dreaming version of Soseo… my pick for Kor.  Haseo is mid-ways between Soseo and Seoha… so I knew I just had to nab him!  I still want a Soseo something terrible, but I can make due for now, hehe~  However, the sale started while I was at work.  Then, to beat all… I actually forgot my cellphone in the car!!  I didn’t get it until later when I went to lunch and by then it was 2:30am EST… and the heads were all sold out!  T_T  I was upset but in the Switch discussion thread at DoA a user mentioned they might still be available at FaithZ… the official dealer for Switch!  I didn’t even know about this company.  The website showed pre-order still available for the Twins.  So, after a little bit of research to be sure it was indeed legit, I went through with the purchase for Haseo!  Was just a few dollars more expensive than at the Switch website and I’ll have to wait a good month longer, but I’ve waited ages for purchases to arrive before, so I should be just fine. 

That’s two more down on the list!  That just leaves Vieve, Alon, Tyr’h, Fahaun/Amira, Jerushe, Laeghan, Eylyn, and Khida.  My original group is almost complete!  Need a few more bodies, too, lol.  Really need to finish up sculpting the ones I’ve been working on, heh.

The Volks body looks PERFECT on Caetahn!  It’s more childish but… nnnngggh…. it’s gorgeous!  Love love love it!

Lastly, the Woolly Delight’s package came in and the fibers are stunning!  It even took me less time than normal to process some of the fibers, but then, I’ve also been working on a new method.  Will post if the results stay consistent!

That’s all for now from this peanut gallery~

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