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Uh, oh~! The wishlist has just grown!

So, during my dolly hiatus, I missed a few new sculpts that came out. No biggie, the ones I’ve seen so far haven’t really caught my eye. Then the other day BJDCollectasy posted that the company April Story had announced their January releases. Well, seeing as I hadn’t checked them out before, I made my way to their store to peruse their wares.  Oh me, oh my!  What gorgeous cuties awaited me!  The sad draw back is all their dolls are only available during a limited time.  That doesn’t mean I can’t hope and hold out for a re-release of this lovely.  I will admit he’s very reminiscent of a Volks Williams, yet with definite changes apparent upon closer inspection.  The resemblance is probably what makes me like him!

Then today I finally got around to looking at the new Sadol Love60 releases… and… inevitably, I was sunk!  I took one look at miss Yena and I was hooked bad.  Sadol has a fullset version available here (NSFW images near the end) that I looked at first.  Everything about the photo shoot is just darling, and by the time I got to her body shots I was already in desperate love with the sculpt waiting in eager anticipation of seeing the blank product.

Then came the body.  Oh dearie, dear!  It’s so close in mind to what I have intentions to sculpt that I was in awe.  After the initial worship shock wore off, I could gear my attentions to its further details.  The elbows are perhaps the one feature I truly dislike.  They’re sort blocky and a tad shapeless.  But I adore the full torso and thigh parts!  My favorite body is, hands down, the old Supia body (NSFW images).  Those hips are my absolute FAVE, but I always felt the Supia arms were too thin.  I like how the Sadol body seems a bit “meatier” in that regard!  The newer Supia body has that fleshier sensibility, but loses a bit of the flair from the old one.  Not to mention it looks like it’s wearing underwear now.

So of course, there were no blank head sculpt photos on that listing, so I turned my attention to another listing that offered just the head.  This one has a MUCH different faceup and, therefore, is a wonderful contrast to show the versatility of this sculpt.  Yes, I’m more and more intrigued.  Finally, towards the end of that group of preview photos, I reached the end of my quest – the desired blank head sculpt photos were in hand!  Or, rather, in viewing range.  (Darn you confounding and dastardly virtual reality called internet!)  The blank sculpt shows so much wealth of promise in it’s soft lines that beg for inspired definition!  So, for now, this mold will go on my lonely wishlist as I take time to think her over and ponder if she’ll fit for me, but I have this hunch she’s gonna grow on me for sure.

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