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The Sun Will Come Up…

Today, it seems!!!  Today’s the first in over a week that we’ve had a non-overcast day.  Still too early for everything to be warmed up and dried, but here’s hoping for this afternoon to be perfect MSC spraying weather!  =is very excited=

In other news… Found a wig that looks like it can pass as Briean’s wig until I can locate the precise fibers I want.  May end up going with mohair and dying it the dark red shade I want.  Dunno, all depends on if I want that texture… though… considering he’s a fairy that woolly texture seems more appropriate…  There’s a medium length black wig coming along with it.  Not sure who it’ll fit atm, but it’s good to have another wig on hand.  Plus, it was fairly inexpensive and I’m certain it’ll work for someone. ^_~

Secondly, I made a purchase for an item I’ve wanted for some time.  Drum roll, please!  I am now the proud owner of, not one, but two Volks Neo Go male bodies in normal skin!!!  At least, I will when they fully arrive.

I had been dancing around the idea of purchasing the guy skin version from Volks USA because it says he’s still available.  As in, he loads into the shopping cart.  The ones that are permanently out of stock don’t load.  Shipping was $13 on top of the body price, and the color wasn’t really the one I wanted, but I wasn’t going to fuss.  Then Maywong posted 8 of her guys up for sale and I couldn’t resist!  I caved and bought two~

I’ll eventually flesh the rest of the bodies out with male Obitsu versions, but I’m just so excited over these gorgeous, photo-perfect pieces of eye candy.  Now I just need to score the Go-Guy 03 head I want and we’ll be set!

The difficult part, now, will be deciding which of my lovelies gets made-up first!

Oh, and I should definitely mention… CAMERA HAS BEEN FOUND!  That is all~

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