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Head & Legs & a MAN doll, oh my~

So, completely unexpectedly, considering it was Christmas DAY, my package from Shinku Rhapsody arrived! It was late in the evening, after most of our Christmas hub-bub, and was a delighted, extended, extra pressie surprise! No pictures yet, though, but a quick and sweet update to be sure.

The Frankie head was just as wonderful as I remembered her to be. I still keep kicking myself that I didn’t purchase her when I had her in my hands, but oh well. At least I have a head for now! Surprisingly she seems to match the Ghoulia’s legs, which led me to compare her to Rayne’s Ghoulia and the color seems seriously close. Need to look at the color difference more in daylight to see just how off it is, but it’s an option. For now, I have a headless Barbie that I stuck her on. The result was so delightful that, if I can still find a full Skull Shores version, I may custom her for either this Barbie body (which entails coloring it to match) or purchasing an Obitsu body (which also entails coloring it to match). Oh, the possibilities!

I’m suddenly overwhelmed by all the MH’s in the house! Draculara, Lagoona, Abby, Ghoulia (Rayne’s), and the Frankie head!

The “GI Joe” action figure I found is actually a Super Articulated Power Team action figure. I believe he’s the Police – City Patrol one, but not sure. No complaints here, though. He still will work quite nicely for Seishirou, and I don’t have to worry about modding him if I choose to make him slimmer since he’s already been modded! One of his knee joints is a bit cracked, but an easy repair. I’m going to make his clothing soon so that he’s all ready for when his head comes to me. Now to find a body for Sub-sub!  Still contemplating another headless Barbie body to mod for him =coughcough= until I get an appropriate one, that is…

Overall, I’m very pleased.  A beautiful head, a fun male body, and MH feet+legs to make shoes on!  All in all, a very delightful day~

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