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Update Bundle

Been awhile since my last update.  I had surgery back in October, so a lot of things have been on hold.  I’ve had some things come in, but haven’t been able to show them off yet.

My MUCH longed for and sought after Lilycat Cerisedolls Lyse has arrived!  GORGEOUS and beautiful!  The Pink Tan is stunning! *_*  I’ve put her on a Monster High 19″? body for now.  It works.  Slightly small, will work PERFECT for when I can get the Ombre I want! but it works for now.  I’ve tried her on my Mirodoll body and she looks really, REALLY good!  better than I was expected! The head looks much smaller, which only gives it a more realistic look, but still pretty nice!

Yesterday, my Dollmore Glamour Eve hands arrived.  I’ve already put them on my girl and they are gorgeous!  A little “fresh” compared to my slighly now mellowed Mirodoll body, but the hands will mellow themselves in time.  As is, I have no complaints and they look stunning.  The Glamour hands are a bit longer with elongated digits.  This is perfect for my fairy queen!  Gonna hafta order another pair for the new body that will be coming in.  Speaking of which….

I put in a HUGE Mirodoll order!!  They ran a Halloween special and cut prices nicely low, so I snagged the 68cm body I’ve been longing for, a second 60cm female body, and the new 66cm male body I’m dying for!  AND I got a free gift, so chose the new 1/4th female body!  I like the proportions best on the regular 1/4th but she’s WAY tooooo short for Kah’z annnnd… I want this body for Indar’e!  Ohhhh, to have Indar’e whole~  =crosses her fingers that it works=  If all else fails and she’s still too short alongside Kah’z I’ll just give the body to one of the floating heads around here.  I’m really hoping the 66cm works with my Delf boys, because I would love love love for this to work for Sorde!  If so, I can get it in paperwhite and ohhhh will it look awesome!  But yes, all in good time.  For now, I’ve got the long, oh so long wait until it ships.  Ehheh… X_X

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