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Some Catching Up

A little behind in posts.  Okay.  More than a little!  But been doing quite a bit of recovery, so been prioritizing!  In the meantime, I’ve received quite a few things, purchased quite a few things, and have quite an awesome announcement… at least for me~

So, from the top: I bought two sets of dress shoes for the girls.  A pair of gold Dollheart and a pair of white Dale Rae.  I was amazed and impressed by both!  Had to swap out the flat feet for heeled, but it was worth it.  They also fit perfect!  I really couldn’t have asked for better!  And the prices?  no complaints here!  $10 for the Dollheart and $3 for the Dale Rae.  =grins=

CiG replacement eyes finally made it in and they’re perfect!  Now, to place a new order, lol!

Went to another Doll Meet and bought some frillies for Mum’s Lili, a CUUUTE Fairyland pukifee faceplate for David, and a whol LOT of shoes!  Got some boots and one pair of black shoes.  They were ubber cheap at $5 a piece, but I have no complaints.  Better than barefeet.  They’re on the big side, too, so will fit the boys as well as the girls for now.  Can stuff the toes for the girls. ^_~  Also got a Dollheart eyepatch and put it on Svar.

Svarrrrrr~  Good lord that eyepatch looks adorable on him!  Recently found some Elf on the Shelf attire for $10 and the bomber style puff jacket works perfect for tinies!  It’s too big for some and a little tight on Svar, but it’s a good option for those out there!!!  He’s so adorable right now!

Mirodoll ran a Halloween special in October and I joined in on the last day.  Got a great deal on some bodies.  Ordered a 68cm male body, a 66cm male body, and another 60cm female body.  I qualified for a free 1/4th body, so asked for the “new” version.  I like the body style of the old better, but the new was definitely taller.  I’m hoping it will work as a temp body for Indar’e until I can find a perfect one.  All else fails, and it will still work for any of the Unoa FP’s I have floating around.  Inathe is desperate for a body of her own, hehe!  I’ve been waiting for what seems like forever, but if I’m lucky they should ship out next week!  =crosses her fingers=

Did a bunch of faceups before the Meet, but need to upload photos soon.  Still a lot to go through, but back-logged.  Between recovery and work, my butt’s been kicked.  Got a body for the Fairyland realpuki Soso I bought back in September at the meet and he now has a faceup.  Just gotta get him a wig made… and find his name!  Right now he’s “lil bit” until he tells me his real name~

Yesterday, I finally re-strung the 60cm Mirodoll body and hot-glue sueded it.  I’d had to put it off for awhile, but finally got around to it.  She stands SO much better now!  Even in the heeled feet, haha!  Today I also restrung Abby with some of the new cording I got.  Not sure I like this one.  It feels too weak even at the size.  Better for beading and jewelry I suppose but will do for now.  Really need to do some work on her body, though.  Since she’s on a junk Resinsoul Ni body I always planned on restoring it but only had a chance to make feet.  She really needs an over-all sanding and her hands fixed, but I’m really tempted on making her hooved feetsies.  I could also do some awesome body-tatoos…. oh, the options!  FYI – Abby’s head will eventually be going to my mother.  Ever since I put her on the Mirodoll 1/4th body for her Lili I’ve been in love with the proportions.  Plus, she looks perfect for mom’s collection.  I really, really adore her but… I can always live vicariously through Mum-mum!  It does mean that the Ni body is up for grabs for whomever I feel to put on it… and I’ve been contemplating some Fairyland FPs.  We shall see.

And now, for the grand reveal….

Today…. TODAY! I get to put in an order at Iplehouse for…. BAEL!!!  A SID Claude in Real Skin color.  I’m so excited.  I’ve waited for years to bring Bael home and I finally get to order him!  Was already planning him, but when Iplehouse offered up the holiday sales special I HAD to bite.  In fact, I had planned on ordering Pol, a Resin Soul Song in coffee skin.  Even had him in the cart ready to order but was showing my brother some of the Iplehouse dolls when I saw the holiday sales post.  Um…. change of plans. O_O  I really wish I could have him on the EID body, but it’s just not compatible enough for me.  His head would basically just chill out on the top of the neck.  Ah, no.  So, SID body it is.  Bael can handle it.  I dare anyone tell him he’s too small…. =shifty eyes=  I’m tentatively putting Rem on the 66cm body that’s coming in if the proportions are awesome.  If not, it’ll be a temporary thing.  Somehow I’ve misplaced the lower portion of the male body I was working on and just haven’t located it.  >_<;  Yet, that is… so my big boy body is on hold… hence the sublimation to ordering Mirodoll bodies~ /o\  I’m also tempted to see how it looks with Grame (DS Saint) and Sorde (CP Juri-A).

May have to place Bael’s order tomorrow since it’s so late, but today… tomorrow… doesn’t matter cause… Bael’s coming home!!  =dances=

~Peace out, lovvies!

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