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Annette Is Home!

Oh, my goody-goodness!  If I had ever doubted how much I loved the SDF Annette sculpt, my doubts have finally been laid to rest.  My utterly gorgeous Annette sculpt is home!  She is sooo stunning in person and came with a very lovely faceup done by the original owner.  I am in love with my new girl, for sure!

What I never imagined, however, was my reaction upon seeing her in person… I cried out, “Meron!”  Totally unexpected, the sculpt cries out my character Meron in so many ways!  So, against all my assumptions and expectations, it seems that Meron will be re-shelled from DoD Tender Shall, which I still and always will adore, to Luts SDF Annette!  My only fear is that she wouldn’t have a “sultry” enough look to her, but the more I look at the sculpt, the more potential for this I see that I don’t see enough of in owner photos.  Strong brows and dark lashes will definitely transform this otherwise meek looking sculpt into something amazing!  The question now is whether Eylyn will also be re-shelled into a more compatible sculpt with the SDF head… =sighs=  Ah well!  Now I just have to start getting all of Meron’s parts together, whee!

So, without further ado… my very, very sensual dryad, Meron, is here!~






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