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My Two Frankie’s

So,  they’re here!  I’m so happy to finally have these two for my collection.  These are ones I wanted to display without customizing, although after having them in hand now, the Original Frankie release will have to be repainted. T_T  Skull Shores Frankie will be fine and dandy with a clean up on her thighs, so no problem there.

tmp_20140313_141340-1464972012 tmp_20140313_141324782120194

B&W Frankie is still so gorgeous!  Everything I remember her being~  I’m just saddened by the Original Favorites face paint.  Her one eye is so obviously higher and out of line with the other.  Very, very poor quality control, Mattel.  Haven’t decided if I’ll do a full face repaint or just redo her eyes and try for something similar.  Dunno.  But it’ll have to be done.  Only other option is to purchase another and try again, but I probably won’t do that since I really only wanted the one of this version.  =shrugs=  Everything else with her I’m happy about, though.

And that’s about it!  Just waiting on my SDF Annette to get here.  She’s been delayed in the mail, I was almost afraid she’d gotten lost.  I got an update today, finally, so hopefully she’ll be here tomorrow or else I have to wait until Monday. >_<;

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