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Bael is HOME!

He’s home, oh, he’s home!  Bael came home on the 27th, a whole day earlier.  The USPS even made a second trip to our house to bring him since the mail had already run for the day.  I wasn’t even supposed to be here, so my leaving was delayed when the carrier showed up!  I’ve been on cloud nine ever since!

He is… in short… GORGEOUS!!!!  And perfect, hehe! And finally he is with Remiel.  I didn’t post that my Mirodoll order had arrived, even played with the bodies and head-swapping, but I got pretty sick with a virus going around so never got around to posting and uploading pics.  Oops!  Been loving on Briean and Remiel for weeks now, hehe!  Even have Meron on the other 60cm female body~  And then Bael came home and…. Remiel is TOO TALL!!!! T___T  hahaha, so going to order the Mirodoll 61cm body and see how it looks with Rem.  Had already planned on purchasing it for Briean since I want him shorter, but looks like it’s in the running for Briean as well.  My only other option is to shorten the 66cm legs!!  /o\  We shall see, we shall see…

In the meantime, back to Bael… he’s perfect!  Real skin is gorgeous, omg! And I didn’t realize they came with a finishing matte spray.  He feels amazing!  His joints are so smooth and wonderful and he stands like a rock.  I bought geta feet to go along with him and a pair of black undies.  Thank goodness I bought those!!!  I even bought a belt and glad I did.  Looks great with the undies… like barbarian panties, haha! Wish I’d just gone ahead and bought the shirt I was looking at when I ordered him, but oh well.  Apparently it’s difficult finding clothes for SID?  Why?!  And shoes… still looking for shoes!

But all in good time.  I have a dolly meet coming up on the 7th and I’ve gotta make some pants at least~  Pants for him and Rem and at least a simply dress for Meron so she can come along with the boys and Jacera.

And before I forget… the new 1/4th Mirodoll female body is… okay… it seems barely taller than the old 1/4th body, but brings her a tad closer to Kah’z.  Still need to order her some eyeballs, whee~  And gotta get some for Bael now!  He came with a free pair of browns and they’re lovely… but not his red demon eyes.

I also gotta make a slew of wigs this week…. YAY!!!

Peace out~

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