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Dollmore Feetsies!

My pair of Dollmore heeled feet arrived today… and they are SUPER cute!  They’re simply gorgeous… and unfortunately…. the S-hook that comes with my Mirodoll body doesn’t fit!  Nyuuuuuu~  T_T  So, of course, back to Dollmore to order some S-hooks.  =le sigh=  In the meantime, I get to longingly gaze upon them as they sit in the pair of Doll Heart golden heels I bought a couple months back.  As for those shoes, I’ll have to stuff the toes but otherwise they look beautiful, hehe!  Also, I’m certain the feet will fit the Mirodoll ankles, just gotta find an S-hook that fits first~  /o\  =flails=

For now I shall content myself with the two purchases that will be arriving soon.  I contacted a lady a few months back about getting another FL Soso faceplate.  She finally messaged me, and after a teeny wait, she has put it in the mail today.  YAY!  =pretends to wait patiently=

And while I wait for that… I discovered a seller who had a pair of shoes that would be perfect for Bael!  A lovely pair of Freedom Teller loafers.  And the kicker?  The seller lives in the city right next to me!  She put the package in the mail today and I should see it tomorrow!  So very, very excited!  Shoes for poor Bael! hehe!  Now, just a pair for the 68cm Mirodoll body and there will be enough shoes to go around.  I still need boots as well for Bael’s character but he’ll be fine with just the loafers for awhile. 

And that’s my small update… wait wait wait and be patient!

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