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For Lack of Sleep

Well, after a bit of sleep and a more refreshed mind, I had an epiphany… I didn’t actually need S-hooks for the Dollmore heeled feet!  I blame my lack of sleep for my lack of realization and not noticing the obvious.  So I sat back down with Jacera, popped her feet off, removed the S-hook from the elastic… and hooked the elastic around the foot “peg”.  And voila!  Problem solved!  She now has lovely heeled feetsies in the pretty Dale Rae white pumps.  For anyone wanting to try this hybrid, her ankles will definitely need sueding, if not some hot water boiling so that the foot ankle ball sits deeper in the shin ankle recess to create a bit more stability.  Otherwise, I have a lovely looking and elegant lady on hands!  If I go ahead with the boiled water method, I’ll post pictures. 


And this morning my package arrived super early.  The seller sent not one but two pairs of pants!  Wonderful lady, she!  The jeans fit Bael beautifully, but the khaki pair she sent are way too small.  They’re tight on the 68cm body but fit nicely on the 66cm.  They’re unfortunately shorter, but they pull off being capris.  They fit the girls, though!  I get around to getting some 60cm males, or even the Mirodoll 61cm boy body I’m planning on trying for Rem, and they should fit perfect. 

And the Freedom Teller loafers!  *_*  So lovely!!!!  They fit Bael’s foot snugly without socks, but a pair of thin socks should work out.  They should also fit the 68cm feet, but ran out of time to try them out.  Definitely gonna order a pair of boots from this seller with my next paycheck!

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