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Fibers From Wooly Delight

My suri alpaca wool fiber package from Wooly Delight on Etsy arrived today.  I wasn’t expecting it until tomorrow, but it showed up today!  The packaging was, well, okay.  Although I did slice into the fibers cutting it open, and I’m crazy careful! O_O  Either way, package is opened and fibers freed!  And oh, my, they are so lovely!  The critters these came from are beautiful~  I immediately separated some auburn fibers into individual locks and set about washing them.  They were hardly dirty!  I expected much, much more, but no muck at all!  And super soft, way softer then my first batch of fibers.  While they dried, I couldn’t help trying out the white fibers and… just wow.  They whole process way easier than my first batch.  However, these were waaaaaaaay dirtier than the auburn.  I let them soak good, massaged the fibers to release more dirt, then rinsed them all.  By the time I poured the dirty water out, I saw sludge at the bottom.  The whole process was faster and easier than the first batch.  The longer length definitely helped.

These fibers area also much more silkier then the first batch.  Enough to make an impression, for sure.  I’ll have to wait until tomorrow after work to brush out the auburn and new white suri, but I am SO excited over this!  The brown is going for Jacera’s wig for sure!  Not sure who all will be getting wigs from the white yet, hehe!  I wish I had Indar’e because these fibers are PERFECT!  Might try dying the auburn to a reddish black for Briean~  We shall see, we shall see.

Honestly, these fibers are so addictive!  I got lots left over for roving or felting!  *_*

On a side note… I FINALLY got my shipping notice from Mirodoll!  =flails=  Also… Apoxie Sculpt is in the mail.  Been needing to purchase this for quite a while.  Rujier’s been waiting forever for me to fix his eyes, poor dear.  And now the F-09’s gonna need mods done, too!~

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