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Well, the head prospect fell through as someone got to it right before me. A little sad, but that’s life. Still on the look, though! Also, haven’t taken pictures yet since I’ve been a little too busy for it, but there are some new stuffs nonetheless!

Last week I finally sat down and made a quick sundress. It’s really adorable! The only problem I have with it is that I didn’t bother to gather the skirt before sewing it down, since I was trying to make it as fast as possible, and the gathering looks a bit mechanical instead. It also doesn’t lay down enough, for me that is, but it’s okay. At least she’s dressed with a super cute sundress with Eastery colours! I even sewed her two pairs of socks to go along with it! Haven’t finished her wig yet as I’ve mis-placed the bag with her wig material in it. >_< Looking for it and soon she’ll be ready! I cracked her upper eye lid again, forgot that when I re-built that part I didn’t bake it, so all this time I thought she was solid… she wasn’t. Put her eyes in and pressed too hard and voila, out it came! Ah well. Started the re-building process again, but made it too small and haven’t had a chance to sand it down into proper shape. Must do that before pictures. ^_~

And lastly…. a package arrived today! I received these absolutely GORGEOUS pants from a user on DoA. They were still new and in the packaging un-opened and I was absolutely giddy as I carefully opened them! They’re for Rem, seeing as how his body is nearly finished. Well, that and the fact that I’d seen these pants and thought they were perfectly stunning, and then happened to find someone selling them in the US! I’ve been staring at them all day since they arrived. They’re a bit lighter than the company photos, but still just as nice.  Will have pictures ready for these as well once I finish up at least the entire bottom half of Rem’s body. Now, just to get that lovely GreenTime shirt I’m eyeing, and I’ll be all set for purchasing doll clothes, lol!

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