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Swap Photos & a Photo Story Up!

I finally got around to getting some images prepped for viewing. Over the summer I participated in a swap with PaladinAri and her Gilan. Before shipping my items out to her, I took some nice ones of the items with Kah’z. I’ve added those along with the photos I took of the items I received in return in photo story format. Corshier looked so cute during the shoot that I took three of her and have those added to her gallery. These are some of those images that have been sitting around on the camera waiting for me during my hiatus. Ah well, at least they’re finally up! I’ve also changed Corshier’s profile photo to one of the updated photos. This is especially nice since the old one was from the first photo I ever took of her! Eeeek! And while I was at it, I remembered to upload Odan’s profile images as well. Yay.

I will be expanding my profile section to add my Monster High girls as I get them customized. Lagoona’s having her face-up, and I have a full idea of where I’m going with her but no name yet. Nemineh, my Draculara, has an outfit in the works, but I’m holding off on her face-up until I get sealant. Having enough trouble with the Lagoona one since I’m basically out… just trying to wring the last dredges from the can! Still thinking over my Abby.  And everytime I wanna spray  the sealant… it’s rainy outside! =wibbles=

I also have some items coming my way soon. Adopting a Skull Shores Frankie head, some random Ghoulia legs, and a somewhat modified GI Joe. The legs I plan on making shoe lasts out of. Joe’s gonna be the body to my Seishirou, as soon as I get the head. I see modding in my future.  For the record, I’m looking at Obitsu M02N for Seishirou and either W-01 N or  W-02 N for Subaru. I had planned to purchase the heads for Seishirou and Subaru this month as well as the little Berry I have been wanting, but decided to hold off and put it towards getting Jacera‘s head. A lot of company’s are weeding out their older models. As a matter of fact, Dollmore just recently got rid of two Eve molds so I’m a little paranoid Lilis Liv‘s gonna follow suit. Meh. So, the heads for Sub and Sei and the little, suuuuuper cute Hujoo Berry can wait. But I’ll have my Queen! =cheers=

Also, been getting a hankering to work on Rem’s body again, so may get a load of work done on it.  YAY!

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